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e-prosoftgroup provides IT enabled services in the global market, with prime emphasis on both operations management services and project based services.

Operations Management Services: Software Management, Business Process Management (i.e. Network Management, IT Staffing & Recruiting Services).

Project Based Services: IT Consulting Services, Systems Integration, Project Management

We maximize the benefits of our delivery capability by ensuring adaptability to our client's needs, thus bringing about the most cost effective and innovative solutions in any business and technology domain.

  • IT Staffing
  • Software Development & Consulting
  • Testing / QA Services
  • Offshore/ Onshore Development

IT Staffing

Are you having turnover problems? You do not have to hire under-qualified people at inflated prices! Do not allow the current political climate to blindly prevent you from looking for alternatives to the lack of regional IT consultants. Unfortunately, the term outsourcing and/or offshore development has resulted in such a negative connotation that major companies and other small businesses are hesitant to seek out the possibilities that are out there, including those within the United States !

Software Development & Consulting:

We are skilled in and use various technologies like Microsoft .NET, J2EE, Open Source Technologies and the like, for the implementation of our projects. We have consultants ready to work in all information technology matters and applications systems such as software engineers, network and systems analysts, project managers, testers, programmers, administrators, trainers, Database systems, application Servers, Middle Ware, CRM, ERP, Mainframe, Data warehousing, Networking, and much, much more.

Testing / QA Services

We offer a complete range of testing services and keep all your needs in mind, always: test planning, strategy and managed test teams and outsourced software testing. Our holistic approach to scarce testing resources and our vigilance to on time-critical projects afford you with clear and visible progress and overall satisfaction which are a critical differentiation components when it comes to competing in the IT world.

Outsourced IT Services  

Regardless of the current market conditions, a company has the duty and obligation, to the stockholders, employees and partners; to control expenses at all times. Because our headquarters are in the USA (Madison, WI) and the fact that we have a development center in Madras (Chennai, India), as well as multiple, highly experienced mobile IT consultants, e-prosoftgroup offers the greatest flexibility to manage the particular project as well as the cost…while affording various delivery options to the client.

Clients worldwide can be assured that we do the legwork of identifying qualified consultants and ensure that they are prepared to take on a project. The job of out-sourcing, on-sourcing or co-sourcing your IT work to a contractor can be intimidating and often times a difficult experience. However, e-prosoftgroup works with clients to design, modify, integrate and run the IT work needed to create successful Temporary Partnerships with the intention of maintaining lasting relationships.

A Temporary Partnership with e-prosoftgroup provides you with access to our highly trained technologists and project managers whenever and wherever you need them; while saving money and retaining a high level of management control.

Our communication levels are unmatched; because we are located and based in Madison , WI . You need not worry about dealing with time zones or waiting to speak to someone during those times when you need immediate service. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you with any information need.

Work Flow

Once we receive the potential client's requirements we immediately run them through our database of consultants ensuring a match that the most appropriate your project. Our family of technical recruiters, who are experienced in a variety of specialized fields, analyze and process the requirements with a thorough screening process of the potential consultant to verify the requirements are met--or possibly exceeded--and immediately prepare them to work with you.

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